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International Tax Issues

We at Sim & Record, LLP have the experience to provide comprehensive tax planning and compliance services for your international business needs. Whether you are a foreign investor investing in the US or you are a US business planning on expanding overseas, we can help you with effective tax planning to minimize tax.

We have performed these services for a number of Fortune 100 companies to reduce global tax exposure.

We can help you.

For instance, when entering into contracts with oversea companies, did you know how to characterize the income can have significant tax consequences for you? We will explain. The U.S. had an substantial network of tax treaties with other nations. Under these tax treaties, there are different levels of tax based on the type of income you earn from your business. Knowing how to characterize the income you earn can significant reduce your tax liability in the US and abroad.

Further, after you paid your taxes overseas, making sure you utilize your foreign tax credits to avoid double taxation becomes a very important priority.

A significant part of our practice is focused on assisting foreign investments in U.S. real estate. We represent a wide array of clients ranging from first time indvidual buyers to large multinational corporations. We can assist in the initail structuring to limit and minimize your legal exposure to completely provide protection of your valuable asset. We also assist in compliance issues while the client owns the property. Finally, at the time of sale, we assist in minimizing tax to maximize cash flow to the client.